It’s coming but right now we need to do a little myth busting to get you ready and on track because you’ve been lied to…

You’ve heard the moneys in the list, right?

Every single guru drums it into you how the money is in the list don’t they?

Well it isn’t at all.

The money is in how your build your list and the relationship you have with your list.

But don’t worry we’ve got this covered for you later.

Just always, always, always remember…

It’s not just a list.

Tell me, how many lists have you ended up on where you very quickly stopped opening the emails?

Dozens isn’t it?

Yet they keep saying the money is in the list?

How can it be if within a few days you’re ignoring them?

If you’re ignoring them I can guarantee you that so is everyone else on their list.

And why’s that?

Well, it starts right back at the point of entry where sadly most of us are tricked on to a list — with a loophole — or a gimmick.

Then you’re bombarded with offer after offer product after product.

In no logical order.

And they get it all wrong.

Products that don’t make sense follow the product you just bought.

And then bit by bit day by day that marketer who you thought was different starts to chip away at your trust, just like all the others.

Until you trust them no more.

So the money isn’t in the list; it’s in how you bring people on to your list and then how you treat them once they’re on your list.

Now you’re no mug, right?

You’ve probably worked with people 20+ years in your old jobs just like me.

So you know how to treat people with respect.

And gain their trust, right?

It’s not difficult.

Yet, for some strange reason all these gurus think they can just throw stuff at people — and treat them as a number on their crappy list.

And they wonder why they burn their lists out so fast.

Do you realize most of them are pretty much broke because of this?

How do I know?

Because I know how this business works — and I see them at marketing events — hardly able to buy a drink for themselves.

Totally broke.

I’ve even seen some having to sleep in their cars just to attend events so they can get the latest ninja secret to save their business.

No secret saves that kind of business.

So now you know that the money is not in the list allow me to show you what’s really going on out there.

How they survive
How stressful it is
How it’s unsustainable

And why you need to know this so you never ever do it.

You’re getting very close to your $100 – $300 days by the way.

If you’re still in…

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