Okay, so here’s what the big boys are really doing that pretty much takes you out of the game but that’s okay now…

You’ll have seen this

But, you probably don’t know what’s going on behind all this.

And I’m sure you’ll see why so many little guys are failing.

I made my first four figure day as an affiliate.

But there’s a twist to what I did that’ll I’ll tell you about in a minute, okay?

It protects you from what almost every other affiliate out there has to do to survive.

Let me explain

You’ve seen all the big super affiliates online, right?

Always the same names.

Same names on those stupid leader boards — and always the same names at the top of them.

What if I told you that they are often paying $100+ per lead to build their list?

It’s often much more.

I know, crazy, right?

Now, someone like you may go out there and pay 30 – 60 cents for a solo ad click. I’m presuming you know what a solo ad click is.

If you don’t it’s when marketer let you pay them to promote your offer to their list. And I usually pay around 40 cents.

Puts it into perspective a little doesn’t it.

Now, what’s happening?

Allow me to explain…

Here’s the big secret to being a super affiliate.


They aren’t really affiliate marketers at all and I’m sure once I point this out you’ll see it with your own eyes.

Because they’re actually product creators.

They are product vendors first.

And they are affiliate marketers second.

Stick with me because this will makes sense and it will help you.

Look, most of these guys have been in the game a long time, so they have friends in high places, and they work in packs.

And they only ever promote each other.

Now, when they launch a new product or course into the marketplace that is basically the equivalent of you buying a solo ad.

There product creation and launching of courses on the big platforms, is their lead generation.

Now, the big boys very often offer affiliates 100% commissions through their whole funnel during their product launch.

Let That Sink In

So for example let’s say the front end product, the product you see in your inbox is $17, the first upsell after that is $37, and the third upsell is $97 — then finally the last upsell is $197…

The big boys are paying every penny of that to the affiliates.

Do the math.

Every time an affiliate makes a sale for the vendor paying 100% commissions all the way through his/her funnel?

That vendor, that product creator, that so called super affiliate has to pay out over $300 to an affiliate marketer.

Basically paying over $300 for an email address.

So straight off the bat the vendor who created all those products (which isn’t easy to do) is not only months of his time out of pocket.

He’s over $300 out of pocket.

Now can you afford to a) pay over $300 per lead to build your email list and b) wait, or even wonder if you’ll ever get that money back?

No, neither could I as a newbie.

Making the products alone and getting them all to convert and sell with a sales funnel and top notch sales copy costs a fortune on its own.

So now are you starting to see what’s going on?

Why so much failure?

Why you can’t even compete with these guys not that you’re going to have to once I show you what I do…

But you see now what most don’t see.

Now, the big boys don’t worry about being down all that money one bit.

They have back ends in place.

And they know their numbers.

They can literally go months negative without a worry because they know they’ll make all that money back plus much more on their back end eventually.

Some of them have coaching programs that cost up to $25,000 on their back end.

So that’s where they make their real money.

Not on the product you see for sale.

That’s why they can afford to give all their money made selling courses away to affiliates and let me tell you something, that’s not only a very expensive way to grow your online business, but also very hard and highly stressful.

You can’t compete with that.

And I’m pretty sure now that you don’t even want to try and compete with that.

I refuse to try and compete with that.

It’s a horrible business model where you’re forever chasing your tail, and at some point, you are going to bottom out and start paying for emails/leads that you already have.

So, how was I able to start earning the big bucks like a super affiliate if I avoided that game like the plague?

And more to the point…

How can you?

Here comes your $100 – $300 per day solution.

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